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No Comment Necessary

No Comment Necessary

Everyday, life presents us with events that horrify, delight or astonish us. We think there is no comment necessary, but of course there always is. Please add yours here.

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Tom ByronTom Byron, Graduate of The University of ... (more)
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Biju V. DevBiju V. Dev,
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Because batteries have a limited shelf life, that flashlight you've been saving for an emergency might not actually work when you need it to. So instead of stocking up on candles, grab a couple of these tiny emergency lights from Eton that simply need you to add water to keep them lit for three ...
Tom ByronTom Byron, Graduate of The University of ... (more)
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Where's my money and my car...DUDE??

p.s. I don't find that being fined $50 is very nice!!...